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Shipping Agency
  1. attending to the joint inspection for the vessels, carrying out the inward and outward formalities for the ships, attending to the arrangement of pilotage, berthing & unberthing, bunkers, stores, fresh water, provisions supply, maintenance and repairs of ships etc;
  2. producing the documents, acting for the signing of B/L, of carriage contract and of the dispatch/demurrage agreements; enjoying the priority in the arrangement of berth for the vessels;
  3. port disbursement prepayment, freight collecting and payment;
  4. attending to the customs declaration formalities for inward and outward shipments and insurance and shipment and storing and transportation.
  5. arranging for loading and discharging, tally, measuring & weighing, fumigating, surveillance and cargo inspection.
  6. arranging for quarantine inspection, hold inspection, draft survey etc.
  7. arranging for delivery / redelivery survey, P&I survey, PSC, FSC;
  8. arranging sullage oil collecting, ballast water pumping out, garbage collecting;
  9. vessel repairing and customs clearance of spare parts and transportation;
  10. providing consultation service for marine affairs and assisting with marine affair such as compensation claim and so on;
  11. arranging for the passports, visa and other certificates, medical treatment, replacement, repatriation for crew members;
  12. chartering, space booking, SNP Shipbrokers and protecting agency.
Vessel types handled: Capsize £¨Panamax £¨Super handy£¨Others
Cargo Category: bagged, bundled, packaged, cased, in pieces, naked, heavy lifts, bulky cargo, break bulk, liquids, etc.
Voyages attended by us: 185 voys in 2010
Cargo volume: about 3000000 tons in 2010
Deadweight Tonnage:about 3500000 tons in 2010


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