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The City
          City is a famous tourist city, in which there are the Flower and Fruit Mountain in the myth story of ''The Trip to West'' and other landscapes such as Fishing Gulf scenic spot, Donglei scenic spot, Liandao Beach. is composed of four counties and four districts. Donghai County, the crystal production base in China and the rice there tastable, the quality of which is like that in Northeast China. Donghai, famous for its hotspring. Ganyu county, a famous aquiculture base, also producing asparagus and balloonflower. City is only 100km away from southwest Shandong in which Linyi City is one of the biggest man-made board  production base of China, abundance in chinaware, burdock, garlic, onion, asparagus, peanut and potato. Along Longhai Railway Line, to west is Pizhou City, which is also one of the biggest man-made board production base in China, just 120km from . Meantime Pizhou City and Feng County is the main production area of garlic, onion, balloonflower, gingko. Huaian City is just 100km south of , a main area producing sodium sulphate and soft goods. To west, passing through Anhui, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai to Xinjiang, are the areas rich in resources which can easily reach Port. Port is also the most convenient port for these regions to have goods taken in and out.
          Port was opened in 1933, and after 75 years construction, especially the recent 20 years after China's opening up to the world, has become an international hub for in international trade transportation, also acting as the eastern terminal of the New  Asia-Europe-Bridge and an important port of energy out-carrying and of foreign trade goods transportation .


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