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The Port
      is one of the ten big ports of China, having established navigation between and business relationship with about 1000 ports in 150 countries. The port has developed into a core transportation port in China, and the construction of International logistics centre is outspreading in the port area. By the end of 2007, the operative berth is in total 35, among which 30 are over 10000 DWT level, and the north port area is in programming .The port is well equipped with all kinds of tugboat and cranes to meet the operation needs for special goods and huge cargo .
      By the end of 2007, many regular container ship lines have been opened, reaching the basic ports in Japan, Pusan, Inchon, several ports in Southeast Asia, West American coast and basic ports in Europe directly, and transit available to any port in the world. The passenger and cargo ship liner service ,to Inchon /Pyeongtaek Korea, has been opened. Besides, big domestic companies such as COSCO, CSCL, SITC are managing their business in and overseas companies such as ZIM, CMA, APL, NYK, MAERSK,MOL, OOCL also set up branches and offices in this port. PIL, P&O, MSC, HEUNGCA, K-LINE, HYUNDAI, HANJIN, YANGMING, these shipping companies are running businesses in too. Many other shipping companies are inspecting or preparing to open offices and branches for new businesses. Not long later, will be a powerful and core container port in east China. The throughput of container has reached 2 million TEU already.
      By the end of 2007, general cargo liner shipping to some countries and regions such as Middle East, South Asia, Korea, Europe, East America and Taiwan has been opened in Port. The line services are stable, ships going to Dubai, Dammam, Kuwait, Doha Bahrain in Persian Gulf, Jeddah, Ababa, Oneida, Aden in Red Sea, Damietta, Lattakia, Tartus, Tropoli in Mediterranean Sea, Pusan and Inchon in Korea, Chittagong in Bengal, Bangkok and Manila in Southeast Asia, Kaohsiung in Taiwan. The throughput of bulk and general cargo in 2007 is 8500000 tons.
      has become a special loading and discharging port of many cargoes. Not only the throughput but also the quality and efficiency keep ahead upon specialty and professionalism. It is the biggest port for export of plywood and import of alumina, and the quantity of chemical fertilizer import and export is the second biggest in China. is one of the five biggest ports for rice and coal import and export; the quantity of tapioca and ore is very big too.
      There are many truck companies and logistics station nearby to provide convenience services for inland transportation of import and export cargo.
      In , both the government and enterprises realize that the port development is important to the development of micro economy of the whole city. From port authority to port group, the customs, commodity inspection authority and maritime authority, every organization is enthusiastic in serving, abiding by principles and policies and warm-heartedly assisting enterprises as well. Often, when needed, they work overtime in order to ensure cargo loading and discharging. The freight forwarding and shipping agency companies also are always ready to render their best services to the clients.


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